2343 – CR
HELLP Me Please; TTP with Pre-eclampsia Versus HELLP Syndrome   
2328 – CR
Congrats! It’s a…Foot Pain? Sacral Plexopathy after Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
2233 – CI
Operation Blood Rain: The Effect of Airdrop on Fresh Whole Blood
2323 – CR
“Treponema Down Memory Lane”: The Value of Risk-informed Diagnostics
2312 – CR
Infectious Source Control Enigma in a Case of Infective Endocarditis from Toxic Shock MSSA Bacteremia
2274 – CR
Bad to the Bone! A Case of Primary Bone Lymphoma in a Vietnam Veteran
2334 – CR
Ketogenic or Ketoacidosis: The Risky Combination of Ketogenic Diets and SGLT-2 Inhibitors in Patients with T2DM

2333 – CR
CIDP: A Rare Risk of Immunizations in an Active Duty Trainee
2265 – CR
Little Known Cause of Lactic Acidosis
2282 – CR
“After Chewing on that, I had a Change of Heart”
2264 – CR
A Case of Penile / Scrotal Shingles: Broadening your Differential for Common Things in Uncommon Places
2286 – CI
No Rest For The Weary:  Improving PAP Therapy Adherence through One-Time Behavioral Intervention
2345 – CR
Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: The Overlooked Cause of Acute Coronary Syndrome
2236 – ER
Operation Bushmaster: A Threshold Experience

2347 – CR
A Twisted Pregnancy: Using Ultrasonography to Access Small Bowel Pathology in Pregnancy
2290 – CR
Hiding Behind a Normal X-ray: HPV Positive Anal Cancer Disguised as Hip Pain
2303 – CR
Acute Idiopathic Scrotal Edema (AISE) in an Adult Active Duty Service Member
2275 – CR
DILI DILI Drug Induced Liver Injury
2283 – CI
Attitudes Toward Obstetric Practice in Uniform
2314 – CR
Air Down There: Diagnosing Fournier Gangrene with Bedside Ultrasound