2018 - 2022

USAFP Strategic Objectives


Goal 1: Grow and retain membership and enhance member involvement.

A.  Obtain/maintain 90% of identified eligible active duty as members.
B.  Obtain/maintain 100% of active duty residents as members.
C.  Increase medical student and full-time out service resident (FTOS) membership.
D.  Identify and examine strategies to address the top four items identified on the membership services survey.
E.  Annually recognize remarkable Uniformed Family Physicians for their achievements.

Goal Champions:  Membership and Member Services, Clinical Informatics, Practice Management, Resident and Student Affairs and Member Constituencies Committees

Operational Readiness

Goal 2: Operational Readiness. Enhance uniformed family physicians’ and service members’ capabilities to remain operationally ready in all environments and roles.

A.  Provide operationally relevant educational sessions annually to membership.
B.  Facilitate military operational medicine rotations for residents and students.
C.  Develop and maintain relevant, current, and user-friendly resources for operational medicine and readiness.

Goal Champions: All USAFP Committees


Goal 3: Education. Provide quality education for our members: anytime, anywhere.

A.  Provide and promote quality resources and virtual learning opportunities for members worldwide to maintain diverse scope and skills.
B.  Empower members to educate and train in any environment.
C.  Provide high quality, evidence-based annual meetings.

Goal Champions:  Education, Clinical Informatics, Member Constituencies, Practice Management and Wellness and Resiliency Committees


Goal 4: Scholarship. Promote and facilitate scholarship.

A.  Enhance the premier research competition.
      A1. Integrate scholarly work into meeting topical programming.
      A2. Foster scholarship activities that support the practice of comprehensive uniformed family medicine.
B.  Sustain a showcase highlighting scholarly activity by members.
C.  Provide resources to allow all members to conduct research.
D.  Maintain robust training for local research mentors and resident research champions.
E.  Intentionally target field researchers (e.g. first tour) for scholarship training and support. 

Goal Champions:  Clinical Investigations, Operational Medicine and Practice Management Committees


Goal 5: Leadership. Identify and develop joint service leaders and mentors. 

A.  Promotion of followership as a core skill of leadership development.
B.  Sustain and support programs to develop future and current leaders of diverse backgrounds. 
C.  Develop educational opportunities for physicians, at all levels, as leaders of the healthcare team.
D.  Foster ongoing mentoring opportunities at all career stages.

Goal Champions: All USAFP Committees, Senior Service Directors on the USAFP Board of Directors and Retired Flag Officers


Goal 6: Advocacy. Advocate for the interests of the Uniformed Family Physician, our patients, and an improved healthcare system.

A.  Encourage and support USAFP members’ participation in AAFP and other family medicine organizations.
B.  Challenge the USAFP BOD to submit to the AAFP Congress of Delegates, NCCL and National Conference relevant resolutions supporting the interests of the Uniformed Family Physician, our patients and our health care system.
C.  Encourage participation on at least three AAFP Commissions.
D.  Engage retired Uniformed Family Physicians to serve as advocates for the USAFP.

Goal Champions:  Member Constituencies, Executive Committee and the USAFP Board of Directors

Wellness and Resiliency

Goal 7: Wellness and Resiliency. Assist members in achieving well-being in order to enjoy a meaningful career in uniformed family medicine.

A.  Encourage self-care and peer-to-peer support in order to optimize work-life balance.
B.  Provide ongoing educational and mentorship opportunities to assist in optimizing personal and professional health and well-being.
C.  Encourage and support USAFP membership participation in physician and community wellness programs.

Goal Champion:  Wellness and Resiliency Committee