Mission & Vision


The mission of the USAFP is to support and develop Uniformed Family Physicians as we advance joint readiness, health, and wellness through education, scholarship, advocacy, and leadership. 


The USAFP will be the premier professional home to enhance the practice and experience of current and future Uniformed Family Physicians.


Goal 1: Membership. Grow and retain membership and enhance member involvement.

Goal 2: Operational Readiness. Enhance uniformed family physicians’ and service members’ capabilities to remain operationally ready in all environments and roles.

Goal 3: Educational. Provide quality education for our members: anytime, anywhere.

Goal 4: Scholarship. Promote and facilitate impactful scholarship.

Goal 5: Leadership. Identify and develop diverse joint service leaders and mentors.

Goal 6: Advocacy. Advocate for the interests of the Uniformed Family Physician, our patients, and an improved healthcare system.

Goal 7: Wellness and Resiliency. Assist members in achieving well-being in order to enjoy meaningful work life integration.