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USAFP committees are charged with contributing to the overall mission of the USAFP by focusing on the strategic goals of the organization, communicating information to the Board of Directors, and assisting leadership in the decision-making process for current and future initiatives.  The primary function of a USAFP committee is to involve members in their areas of interest and expertise.  USAFP members are encouraged to participate on a committee(s).  Participation on a committee(s) is a great way to enter the leadership pipeline of the USAFP.  Each committee page has “Committee Interest Form” to inquire about joining.

Committee Chair Responsibilities:

USAFP members who are Chairs of USAFP Committees are encouraged to provide reports of their Committee’s activities or a related topic for publication in the newsletter.  This may be delegated by the chair.

Each committee chair has a liaison on the Board of Directors   The liaison will be able to present items to the Board in those circumstances where the chair is unable to attend.  Communication between liaison and chair should be on a regular basis and especially prior to the twice-announced Board of Directors meetings.  The committee chair should utilize the Board Liaison as a resource and conduit to the Board.  Explanations of Board priorities, budget and procedures are examples.  Both the chair and liaison should work to keep the committee on track throughout the year.

It is desirable for the committee chair to attend both the annual meeting and mid-year Board of Directors meeting; but since USAFP funds do not fund/cover your travel to these meetings, we acknowledge that money and time constraints often make this impossible.  Committee Chairs who feel it is imperative that they attend a Board meeting should petition the President for funding approval.

A committee membership roster will be able to track those individuals who need to be rotated or replaced.  Please send your comments to the Headquarters office prior to the annual meeting.  If you do not wish to continue to serve as committee chair for the next year, inform the office of this so the incoming president can have time to seek out suitable candidates.  Your input on this will be most helpful.

Committee Structure


  • Members will be appointed to an annual term and may be reappointed each year if interested excluding the Clinical Investigations Committee (see committee page for additional information).


  • Committee chairs will be appointed by the President.
  • Chairs will be appointed to an annual term and may be reappointed by the President.
  • In general, nominees for chair positions should be experienced members of their respective committees.


  • Committee size shall be based on the committee’s tasks and functions as determined by the chair.
  • Committee composition should reflect the composition of the entire USAFP membership.

Board Liaisons

  • Specific members of the Board of Directors will be assigned by the President to serve as Board liaisons to each committee.  Board liaisons are responsible for regular communication and support of the committee chairs to ensure committee chairs remain productive and functional.  The liaisons also report on the activities of their assigned committee at Board meetings when the committee chair is unable to attend.
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