USAFP Committee

Operational Medicine

Committee Description:

The Operational Medicine Committee exists to support and enable USAFP members to successfully respond to ever-changing wartime, peacetime and contingency operational/readiness requirements through scholarly activities, information sharing and leadership.  The committee works to strengthen the Operation Medicine roles of the Uniformed Family Physician by enhancing the operational knowledge, capabilities and leadership abilities of all USAFP members.

General Functions:

The chair assumes the responsibility to formulate and template strategies that:

  • Maximize the operational resources of the uniformed family physician.
  • Maximize the operational abilities of the uniformed family physician.
  • Cultivate leaders in operational medicine.
  • Advocate for increased uniformed family physician influence and involvement in operation activities.

The chair assumes the responsibility to report activities of the committee to:

  • The Board Liaison through informal communications.
  • The President via quarterly communications and as needed.
  • The USAFP Executive Director as needed.

The chair assumes the responsibility to:

  • Publish committee reports for the newsletter.
  • Contact committee members on, at least, a bi-monthly basis.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the committee members.
  • Liaison with the other USAFP committees.
  • Facilitate the Committee Interest Meeting for the Operational Medicine Committee at the USAFP Annual Meeting.

The committee members assume the responsibility to:

  • Actively participate in the committee activities.
  • Complete duties as designated by the chair.
  • Initiate activities that facilitate the USAFP’s Strategic Plan.
  • Attend meetings at the USAFP Annual Meeting.
  • Maintain regular communication with the chair throughout the year.
  • Share their expertise and experiences via presentations, publications and materials produced by the committee for USAFP members.
Specific Functions:
  • Publish an article on an operational medicine topic in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintain an up-to-date reading list on operational and readiness issues and publish the list once annually in the newsletter.
  • Maintain an operational medicine consultant/POC list and publish the list once annually in the newsletter.
  • Publish an annual monograph on an operational/readiness topic.
  • Maintain a compilation of needs statements for potential medical/clinical research of operational importance.
  • Maintain an operational medicine website with referenced resources and operational information.
  • Seek speakers to conduct lectures, presentations, briefings and workshops at the USAFP Annual Meeting as coordinated with the Program Chair.
  • Provide resources, guidance and assistance in general membership education, military unique residency curriculums and activities, offer professional development sessions and career counseling pertaining to operational opportunities.
  • Conduct activities and provide resources to cultivate future leaders.
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