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Better Together Leadership Book Club

There are so many great leadership books out there and so many advantages to discussing these concepts with other physicians.  Join this group to share take-aways from the book that will strengthen your leadership skills.

USAFP Leadership Book Group

Better Together Journal Club

With the information explosion in medicine, this Journal Club will attempt to lessen the time spent reading all that hits your inbox.  Share information with your peers focused on keeping you up to date with recently published literature.

Sessions will be approved for prescribed CME credits from the American Academy of Family Physicians.  USAFP will report credits for those that attend.

USAFP Journal Club

Better Together Fitness Group

A personal and family fitness group with the vision of connecting USAFP members and their families across the globe. Connect and follow each other’s fitness adventures with some added “friendly competition” events sprinkled in for fun.  How?  Get a free Strava account through the app store and search for “USAFP Fitness Group” to join the fun!

USAFP Fitness Group

Better Together Literary Club

Everyone loves to get caught up in a book!  Join other USAFP members and their families for a “fun” read and discussion. 

USAFP Literary Book Club