USAFP Committee

Clinical Informatics

Committee Description:

The committee will seek to provide a forum for discussion and guidance for Academy members in areas related to Clinical Informatics, based on our perspective as clinicians.  This will be achieved through various methods, including a potential ListServ/Milsuite site, resource pages at the USAFP website, and a listing of committee members outlining their areas of interest and expertise as a reference of Academy members who seek assistance with various IT and HIT related projects.  The committee will also support educational opportunities and workforce development of Informaticists (and education of non-Informaticists in Informatics) at the local, regional, and national DoD levels. 

Military operational aspects of Informatics are focal points of the group and will be a unique offering.  Publications discussing various HIT tools will be offered to USAFP members.  Likewise, training and workarounds can be published and disseminated using USAFP channels.  Further, this will offer mentorship for new Family Medicine Informaticists in the realms of recruitment, workforce development and assignment.  Other roles will certainly emerge as the field continues to mature in the years ahead.

Specific Functions:
  1. Maintain the Informatics Committee Web Area in the USAFP site (Education)
  • Post web links to military specific informatics projects and homepages as references for others seeking details and POC’s for these projects
  • Post “how-to’s” and tutorials via a collection of links and presentations available at the web site for downloading
  • Offer expertise in usability, website design, and social media applications
  • Advocate for Family Medicine throughout DoD specific HIT projects (i.e. MHS GENESIS, AsUType, Dragon 360, HAIMS, Carepoint, Clinical Decision Support, Tri-Service Workflow Advisory Groups, etc.)
Stakeholder Outreach (Education/Advocacy)
  • Publish articles in the newsletter addressing clinically or operationally relevant aspects of HIT
  • Advocate for lectures on various DoD HIT tools available to our members
  • Advocate/coordinate among and plan on HIT related booths at USAFP
  • Realign project needs with a learning needs assessment
  • Teach Academy members on the definition and ubiquitous nature of Clinical Informatics
  • Identify, foster and mentor Academy members with an interest in Informatics
Informatics Committee (Advocacy)
  • Assist in creating and publicizing committees or interest group ListServ’s, Websites, Social Media and Forums similar to those on the AAFP web site, if interest exists to do so
  • Establish a formal relationship with the newly created AAFP Center for Health Information Technology
  • Identify and mentor those with an interest in Medical Informatics via outreach using the website, the annual meeting, Milsuite sites, the DoD Clinical Informatics Fellowship, the Defense Health Agency, and Service-specific HIT offices
  • Maintain an informal relationship with the DoD Clinical Informatics Fellowship at Madigan Army Hospital; coordinate possible publications, data, and research
  • Assist in developing HIT solutions for USAFP members as time and expertise allow
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