Coast Guard/Public Health Service Update

Coast Guard/Public Health Service Consultant Report

Coast Guard/PHS Consultant’s Report

Preciosa P. Pacia-Rantayo, MD, FAAFP
USCG Base Cape Cod, MA

Happy Spring! In this issue, an easy read on updates from both PHS and Coast Guard follows.

In December, RADM Susan Ortega, Director Commissioned Corps Headquarters reminded officers to always be ready for the possibility of deployment. PHS officers have seven days to inform Medical Affairs Branch if they have any medical issues that may affect their readiness status. More importantly, it is the officer’s responsibility to upload their medical waiver via e-DocU. Chief Professional Officer, CAPT Brian Lewis recently sent a message to inform officers that the Unaccompanied Children(UC) mission takes “precedence over all agency deployment” and he advised that officers should be ready for deployment within 48 hours of notice.

COVID 19 vaccine started rolling out of Coast Guard clinics in December 2020. All districts have been busy ensuring that this evolution is successful. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are the mainstay for both CG members and any other eligible employees. Accordingly, Strike Teams have been on the road to vaccinate our service members. Other commands, such as Air Station Cape Cod assist other clinics, such as Kaehler Medical in picking up vaccines and distributing them to remote locations for administration.

The Coast Guard has instituted a service-wide mandatory training to deter extremism in the military. The training had a mandatory completion date of March 31, 2021.

In support of the Southwest Border Mission, the first round of medical teams (Physicians, Physician Assistants, IDHS, and HS) have deployed. Locations spread across the southern region of Texas; deployment length is longer and mission is expected to last for several weeks.